<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=shift_jis" /> <meta name="keywords" content="CSI^,T1UV,0000,mXT1UV,-N.Y:S,VTRƖ,000000000,chor-fellows" /> <meta name="description" content="CSI^-N.Y:Sn0mXT1UV 000000000n0000000" /> <title>0000000000;mR2</title> <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="backtotop.js"></script> </head> <body> <div id="container"> <div id="header"> <h2><a href="index.html"><img src="images/title.jpg" width="700"></a></h2> </div> <br clear="all" class="clear" /> <div id="wrapper"> <table width="818" border="0" cellspacing="15" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td> <div class="contents"> <a href="index.html">Home</a>00>00;mR2<br> <H3>000000000 (e00000000) ;mR2</H3> <div class="text"> <table border="0" bgcolor="#333333" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="770"> </td> <b><a href="#01">,{1VoOYO</a> <a href="#02">,{2VoOYO</a> <a href="#03">,{3VoOYO</a> <a href="#04">,{4VoOYO</a> <a href="#05">,{5VoOYO<br></a> <a href="#06">,{6VoOYO</a> <a href="#07">,{7VoOYO</a> <a href="#08">,{8VoOYO</a> <a href="#09">,{9VoOYO</a > <a href="#10">,{10VoOYO</a > <a href="#11">,{11VoOYO<br></a> <a href="#12"><font color="red" size="-1">,{12VoOYON[n0s0}</font></a></td> <tr><td> <table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="7" width="100%"> <tr bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> <td align="center">t^ge</td> <td align="center">0000 T</td> <td align="center">O 4X</td> <td align="center">00000</td> <td align="center" width="7%">c c</td> <td align="center" width="12%">4O OY</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <td align="center">2002<br> 11.17</td> <td>,{49V<br>CSI^l}imy<br> <font color="red" size="-2">00000000 0000</font></td> <td>q000000</td> <td> 0000T1Uf 0<br> 00bL0`D000ёrn0k0n0c0f0<br> 00 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(op.65-2)<br> 00Cantiqe de Jean Racine(op.11)<br> 00Pavane(op.50)<br> 00Les Djinns(op.12)<br> <br> mXT1Uh0000n0_00n0<br> 0яNe,g TLkb0:Ow [}f<br> 00B0n0:uS0n0:u00ΑS `\Oi0-Nq\ Kfs^\Of<br> 00[_I00000 z N "YN\Oi0Y _N\Of<br> 000000n0U00 TN R\Oi0-Nq\ Kfs^\Of<br> 00RD0 00q_0UaD0f0000S ?e7u\Oi0\Of<br> 00000 00n0U\Qg bg0v _\Oi<br> 0 0000 00000000 -Nq\ Kfs^\Of<br> <br> mXT1Uf<br> 08l#n0g0<br> 0 0[l ⌻l\Oi004(g a+Y\Of </td> <td width="7%">q\0u </td> <td width="12%">000<br> `l0uu}̑P[</td> <tr> <tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <td align="center">2016<br> 11.13<br> </td> <td>,{63V<br>CSI^l}imy<br> </td> <td>^lO(<br> <td> 0{9hkQ̑ 0E\0_i0n0^*Yΐf0g0IQ}f<br> 0=I~g000Α N0p_i0\g0yĖf<br> </td> <td width="7%">q\fm im</td> <td width="12%">000<br> `l0uu}̑P[</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#F5F5DC"> <td align="center" rowspan="2" id="10">2017<br> 8.5<br> </td> <td rowspan="2">,{10VoOYO<font></td> <td rowspan="2">NIL<br> eS000<br> }i000</td> </td> <td>g IQ}f 0e,gb`LkfƖ 000<br> 00_a0|0F0Q0000SS }vyi0q\0u \Of<br> 00~0J0U00f000Bf i0-Nq\ Kfs^f<br> 00{9hkQ̑00 0E\ _i0n ^*Yΐf<br> 00RWn0g00 0WN ifi0n ^*Yΐf<br>00 <br> g IQ\Of0\qyĖn0ik000<br> 00DDK\n0Lk<br> 0000000</td> <td width="8%">q\fm im</td> <td width="10%">000<br> `l0uu}̑P[</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#F5F5DC"> <td>0000000000n0Lk0(ZIGEUNERLIEDER)<br> 0 1.He, Zigeuner,greife in die Saten<br>0 2.Hochgetrmte Rimaglut<br> 0 3.Wit ihr,wann mein Kindchen<br> 0 4.Lieber Gott,du weit<br> 0 5.Brauner Bursche fhrt zum Tanze<br> 0 6.Rslein dreie in der Reihe<br> 0 7.Kommt dir manchmal in den Sinn<br> 0 8.Horch, der Wind klagt in den Zweigen<br> 0 9.Weit und breit schaut niemand mich an<br> 010.Mond verhllt sein Augesicht<br> 011.Rote Abendwolken ziehn<br> 0<br> 000000000(Gwyn Arch}f <br> 00Lascia chio pianga 000 000G.F.Handel<br> 00Ombra mai fu000 00000 00G.F.Handel<br> 00Caro mio ben0000 00 000 0G.Giordani<br> 00Voi che sapete000 00000 0W.A.Mozart<br> 00La ci darem la mano0 0 000W.A.Mozart<br> 00Odu mein holler Abendstem R.Wagner<br> <br> LkD0}N0_0D0T1Uf<br> 00"Y0_00n0o0000zS S \Oi0(g N grP[\Of<br> 00=I~g0000000Α N p_\Oi0\g yĖ\Of<br> 00`D0Qn0P[[Lk0%Ry_ [\Oi0`l KfNΐ\Of<br> 00M00LkH0000007] O*Yΐ\Oi0Ow [\Of<br> 00"Yg0"D0~0W00F0<br> 00008l mQ\Oi0-NQg kQ'Y\Of0*s Sf}f<br> 00fk0XD00<br> 0000N.Washingtoni L.Harlinef \Qg IN3<br> 00Y0y0f0n0q\k0{v0<br> 0000O.Hammersteini0R.Rodgersf SΑ[}<br> </td> <td width="7%">q\0u </td> <td width="12%">000<br> `l0uu}̑P[</td> <tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <td align="center">2017<br> 11.12<br> </td> <td>,{64V<br>CSI^l}imy<br> </td> <td>NIL<br> eS000<br> }i000</td><br> <td> 0mXT1Uf 0_n0Vc[ 000<br> 0000000 0L0 00ؚ0u Nΐ\Of0 TΑ _\Oi<br> 0'Y-N i`0z!Ɩ00 000n0F0_0 00PO i<br> </td> <td width="7%">q\fm im</td> <td width="12%">000<br> `l0uu}̑P[</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#F5F5DC"> <td align="center" rowspan="3" id="11">2018<br> 6.30<br> <br> <br> </td> <td rowspan="3">,{11VoOYO<font></td> <td rowspan="3">CSI^lO(<br> 'Y000</td> </td> <td>'Y-N i`0z!Ɩ00<br> 0000n0F0_00PO i<br> 0000a0000*0u [+Yi<br> 00O00U0000hT ZSi0<br> 00r0R00o00W0_0D000j0[00_0K0W0i<br>0 00D0l0n0J0~000U000PO i<br> 00J0j0K0n0x00F0_000*0u [+Yi<br> 00eSS0h0p0n0F0_0000u -WĖi<br> 000000ߘy00Bfn0F0_00PO i<br>0 <td width="8%">q\fm im</td> <td width="10%">000<br> `l0uu}̑P[</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#F5F5DC"> <td>MIssa pro defunctis(Javier Busto)<br> 0 1.INTROITUS<br>0 2.KYRIE<br> 0 3.OFFERTORIUM<br> 0 4.SANCTUS-BENEDICTIUS<br> 0 5.AGNUS DEI<br> 0 6.COMMUNIO<br> 0 7.RESPONRIUM<br> 0 8.ANTIPHONA<br> 0 9.KOJIKI COGITATIO<br> </td> <td width="7%">q\0u </td> <td width="12%">000000 <br> q\fm0im</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#F5F5DC"> <td>aK0W0D0Lk00000000<br> 001.j0d0K0W0M0an0Lk00Tomes L. Molloy\Of<br> 002.Y000n0n0TO00Franz Doelle\Of<br> 003.0000000000T.Nivert & J. Denver\Of<br> 004.Stand Alone0000ENw r\Of<br> <br> mXT1Uf0 0_n0Vc[ 0<br> 00 00ؚ0u Nΐ\Of0 TΑ _\Oi<br> 1.L0 2.0Z0Y0~0W0 3.Am0 4.q\L0<br> 5.a]0W0f0 6.n0ek0 7.w </td> <td width="7%">q\0u </td> <td width="12%">000<br> `l0uu}̑P[</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#F5F5DC"> <td align="center" rowspan="2" id="12">2019<br> 6.29<br> <font color="red">N[<br> </td> <td rowspan="2"><font color="red">,{12VoOYO<font></td> <td rowspan="2">CSI^lO(<br> 'Y000</td> </td> <td>mXT1Un0_00n000000000 Nll}f<br> 00000000000fk\c^n^*Yΐf<br> 000000n0000%mT+Y^0f<br> 00U0O000000000hq\v*Yg0__:uQ^<br> 00000000000000hq\v*Ygf0<br> 000000000000NRz^|z sf<br>0 0000n000000\l NN+Y^s|q\ck+Yf<br> 00NLuk0Nd0`0Q0n00iSleKN^0f<br> 00dD000000000~g,g^IT0uBzf<br> 00000000000U } f T^0f<br>0 <td width="8%">q\fm im</td> <td width="10%">000<br> `l0uu}̑P[</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#F5F5DC"> <td>MozartMISSA in C(KV167)<br> 0 1.Kyrie<br>0 2.Gloria<br> 0 3.Credo<br> 0 4.Benedictus<br> 0 5.Agnus Dei<br> <br> 0 a1ULk<br> 001.0K00n0TO0N0Rw>T^wml0[f<br> 00000000000000_Cf}<br> 002.00000000fkn_^0f<br> 003.xq\0000000SS}vy^-Nq\Kfs^f<br> 000000000000000gIQ}<br> 004.0_00i000000SS}vy^'Y-Ni`f<br> 005.000000000яg^<br> 0000000000000P.F.0000 f傗gCS%f}<br> 006.Swing Low Sweet ChariotҞN Lk<br> 0000000000000000A.00000R.000}<br> 007.0O0`0U0D0000q\ N+Y^QgNf_f<br> 000000000000000傗gCS%f}<br> 008.Nella Fantasia000ENw r\Of<br> <br> mXT1Uf 0n0P[[Lk 000<br> 00 0 0 Nd0n0 N`pj0NN 0<br> 00 000 `loY9j\O^0`lKfNΐ\Of<br> 00000000zz0L0M000fed0O00000"YX0<br> </td> <td width="7%">q\0u </td> <td width="12%">000<br> `l0uu}̑P[</td> </tr> </table> </td></tr> </table> </div> </div></td> </tr> </table> <div align="right">0<A href="#top"><font size="-1"><a href="javascript:" onclick="backToTop(); return false">%pagetop</a></font></A>00<br> <br> <br> </div> </div> </div> <div id="copyright"> Copyrightc 2014 Chor Fellows rights reserved. </div> </body> </html>